Stories and Tall Tales

This is an ever-growing collection of stories and tall tales, mostly by me. Are they true? Well, I have changed names, disguised locations, and otherwise protected both the innocent and guilty. Some small (very small) changes have been made for either dramatic license or clarity. As they are from my perspective some other folks may remember a slightly different version of events. But yes, the events are true, except where explicitly indicated otherwise.

DISCLAIMER: Just because I do something doesn't mean YOU should. Whatever you do, be careful. Not everything described here was fun to experience, even if I tell it in an amusing way. Life is exciting enough, don't go looking for trouble.

And now for a slightly boring public service announcement:


Unless otherwise indicated ALL stories and pictures are copyrighted either by myself (Broomstick) or by somebody else. If you know what that means, good. If you don't, see here. If you are interested in reprinting any of these stories in your club newsletter, magazine, website, whatever, please e-mail me

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